Hode 16-bit Transistor Computer

Transistors (~2100), Diodes (~8700 + 124 LEDs), Resistors (~6300), Capacitors (~2000) used for Retro-Computing.

SEQ + RAS + 2 * ALU boards as of Sep 1, 2021

All Done and Working (at 70KHz) !! as of Oct 10, 2021 10 am

Speed improved to 84KHz as of Oct 25, 2021 (carry lookahead added to low-byte ALU board)

Blinking Lights Working !! as of Oct 29, 2021 (processor slowed to 20Hz to show effect)

Seems to be happy running at 110KHz as of Nov 4, 2021 (carry lookahead added to both high- and low-byte ALU boards)

Running at 180KHz as of Nov 26, 2021 (base shunt resistors changed from 4.7KΩ to 1.0KΩ)

Running at 360KHz as of Nov 30, 2021 (got RasPi GPIO clock generation working smoothly)

C+ Compiler working as of Mar 3, 2022

DE0 Nano implementation driven by Raspi Zero working as of May 28, 2022


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